Condensation Control

Preventing dampness in buildings.

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One of the most common causes of dampness in buildings is condensation. Moisture is always present in the air, even if it cannot be seen. It's presence is often first indicated by the development of mould growth on walls and ceilings, and even furniture, clothes and other fabrics.

Condensation usually occurs during the colder, winter months. October / November through to March / April is generally acknowledged as condensation season.

Simple Inexpensive Proven Systems.

condensation control 1 Condensation is one of the most common causes of dampness in properties. Quite simply condensation is water that is deposited on surfaces from warm, moist air that comes into contact with cold surfaces and is usually seen as a problem during the colder winter months.

Cold air enters a building, the air is warmed for comfort, the warm air takes up and holds moisture, this warm moist air comes into contact with cold surfaces and condensation occurs when excess water is released.

Very often the first indication of condensation is black spot mould growth in the worst affected areas. Condensation can also be seen as misting of windows leading to water droplets and even puddles of water on horizontal surfaces such as window sills. Other areas typically affected by condensation are cold external walls or pipe work, and where there is poor air circulation, behind items of furniture, in built-in cupboards, or in corners of rooms for example.

condensation control 2 Condensation can be addressed by ensuring an adequate balance is achieved between heating, ventilation and insulation. However, more often than not other additional condensation control steps are required to deal with this all too common problem.

Sovereign supply a range of products to assist in condensation control. These products vary from the Sovereign ConCure Unit which is a positive input ventilation system that automatically, but gently forces air around and out of a building to reduce humidity levels and eliminate condensation, black mould and mildew. This is an effective, inexpensive way of controlling condensation and also improving indoor air quality. Also available are Passyfier Dehumidifier Vents, Humidity Tracking Extract Fans and Dentolite Sterilising Solution and Mould Control Packs for treating black spot mould, along with our thermally efficient Renderlite Renovating Plaster and Fungi-Chek Emulsion Paint for decorating and preventing mould re-growth.

Don't leave it too late, as condensation could also lead to wood rot of affected timbers including suspended floors.