Damp-proofing and plastering and replacement of rotten floors

Sovereign Specialist Services was called in by a contractor to carry out the damp proofing, installation of plasterboard, plastering and replacement of rotten floors to a property in Islington.


A combination of leaks, rising damp and inadequate sub floor ventilation has caused this lower ground property to suffer from extensive damp issues.

We worked closely with the main contractor to identify all causes of damp related issues in the property to ensure all external leaks were rectified and the areas of rising damp were recognised.

The inadequate air-flow in the sub floor environment had caused a build up of moisture to occur which had eventually led to the timber joists start to decay. The problem damp in the joists was compounded by the joists bearing directly on the sleeper wall with a DPC to prevent the timber absorbing moisture. 

Project Requirements

We were asked if we were able to turn the project around quickly as the client wanted prospective tenants to move in as quickly as possible.

We were able to allocate sufficient labour to complete the job within the required timeframe and deliver the project on budget.