Damp-proofing and plastering in Islington, Mildmay Grove

Sovereign Specialist Services was called in by a contractor to carry out the damp proofing, installation of plasterboard and plastering, to a property undergoing refurbishment after both penetrating damp and rising damp had damaged the internal finishes of the property. 


Due to the damp being left for some time, the combination of both rising damp and penetrating damp had left the homeowner with severely affected finishes and a damp, musty smell, which couldn’t be removed through means of ventilation. 


A survey was undertaken of both the internal and external elevations of the property to ascertain the level of work required to rectify the causes.


Leaking gutters and poorly maintained mortar joints were the cause of penetrating damp. Once these had been rectified internal work could begin. 

All internal finishes were removed and a combination of an injected DPC and studded membrane was used. 

The DPC cream was used to prevent more moisture rising through the capillaries of the porous envelope of the building. In time, the wall will start to dry through the exposed external face and become more thermally efficient. 

So that finishes can be applied soon after, a meshed studded membrane was used. Once securely fixed in place this can receive a direct finish, in this case it was dot and dab with a plaster skim finish.

Project Requirements

Like with most properties where only a portion of the building requires remedial treatment, a main concern with the client is the upheaval and mess created. With this property we had to carry out all works whilst protecting a carpet, wooden floor and maintain dust suppression throughout, whilst the occupants remained in the property.

Working with clients, providing clarity and offering realistic expectations is something we pride ourselves on and delivered with this project.