Replacing rotten floor and damp proofing in North London

When this property was constructed, the external ground level would have been lower than the internal floor level. However, due to external renovations, the external floor level has crept up and become slightly higher than the internal floor level.

Sovereign was asked to carry out a survey and provide a remedial solution.

The floor was removed and a survey was carried out to ascertain the extent of the damage.


We found that the timber had rotted and the joist hangers had started to corrode.

Therefore, we removed the affected timber and cut back to a sound support. A new brick plinth was created and lined with a DPC. The walls were levelled with a waterproof render coat and the joist hangers were replaced and lined with a DPM. 

Subsequent render coats were applied to bring the wall level and ready for a skim finish. 

New floor boards and skirting where then installed ready for decoration.


As this project was the client’s bedroom, there was increased urgency to turn the project around quickly. We provided realistic expectations so the client could make arrangements for alternative accommodation during the upheaval. Within a short space of time, we were able to hand this section of the property back over so the finishes and furniture could be reinstated.