Waterproofing a domestic refurb in Highgate

We were put forward by Delta Membrane Systems to assist a contractor in a domestic refurb. The client wished to use the storage cellar as a wine store and wish to have a dry environment to use as liveable space.



The system proposed was utilized a rebated channel at the wall floor junction. This incorporated 110mm drainage outlets placed beneath the drainage channel linking directly into the sump chamber. 

Clear membrane was applied to the walls and floor with one area around the stairwell using mesh to save as much space as possible. 

The pumping system was upgraded to allow both the removal of cavity drain ingress water and grey water from basement utilities.

Project Requirements

The design was straight forward and using supplied details from Delta the client was easily able to understand the concept and requirements.

We worked closely with the contractor to install the membrane system whilst in-situ services such as gas feeds, boilers and distribution boards were temporarily removed. 

The client was able to live in the house whilst this work took place.